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Here's a list of the recent publications pruduced by group members. Each paper comes with a non-expert description of it's topic and results. You can filter by topic using the drop-down menu, or click on topics and member names to get more details.

Combining gravitational lensing and gravitational redshift to measure the anisotropic stress with future galaxy surveys
Date: 15. April 2023
Members involved: Isaac Tutusaus, Daniel Sobral Blanco, Camille Bonvin
Topics: Gravitational lensing, gravitational redshift, Large scale structure
Online abstract: arXiv:2209.08987
A robust estimator of mutual information for deep learning interpretability
Date: 24. March 2023
Members involved: Davide Piras
Topics: Machine Learning, Information Theory
Online abstract: https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/2632-2153/acc444
A New Limit on Intergalactic Magnetic Fields on Subkiloparsec Scales from Fast Radio Bursts
Date: 20. March 2023
Members involved: Hamsa Padmanabhan
Online abstract: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2023ApJ...946L..18P/abstract
Model-Independent Test for Gravity using Intensity Mapping and Galaxy Clustering
Date: 9. March 2023
Members involved: Muntazir Abidi, Camille Bonvin, Mona Jalilvand, Martin Kunz
Topics: 21cm Cosmology, Modified gravity
Online abstract: arXiv:2208.10419
Fast and realistic large-scale structure from machine-learning-augmented random field simulations
Date: 3. March 2023
Members involved: Davide Piras
Topics: Machine Learning, Cosmic Large Scale Structure, N-body simulations
Online abstract: https://doi.org/10.1093/mnras/stad052
Detection and estimation of the cosmic dipole with the Einstein Telescope and Cosmic Explorer
Date: 2. March 2023
Members involved: Camille Bonvin, Giulia Cusin, Stefano Foffa
Topics: Gravitational waves
Online abstract: arXiv:2209.11658
Adding Gamma-ray Polarimetry to the Multi-Messenger Era
Date: 13. January 2023
Members involved: Francesco Iacovelli, Michele Mancarella
Topics: Gamma–Ray Bursts, Gravitational waves, Multi-messenger astrophysics, ET
Online abstract: arXiv:2211.12403, A&A 669, A77 (2023)
Forecasting the detection capabilities of third-generation gravitational-wave detectors using GWFAST
Date: 27. December 2022
Members involved: Francesco Iacovelli, Michele Mancarella, Stefano Foffa, Michele Maggiore
Topics: Gravitational waves, ET
Online abstract: arXiv:2207.06910, ApJ 941 208 (2022)
Modified propagation of gravitational waves from the early radiation era
Date: 20. December 2022
Members involved: Alberto Roper Pol
Topics: Gravitational waves, Early Universe, Modified gravity, Phase transitions
Online abstract: arXiv:2212.06082
Measuring the distortion of time with relativistic effects in large-scale structure
Date: 24. November 2022
Members involved: Daniel Sobral Blanco, Camille Bonvin
Topics: Large scale structure, Relativistic effects, General relativity
Online abstract: arXiv:2205.02567



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