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A multi-messenger view of Cosmic Dawn

15. September 2021
Invited talk at the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, Tenerife, Spain
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My talk is available here: http://fiteoweb.unige.ch/~padmanab/Misc/zoom_0.mp4 The history of the baryonic (normal) matter in the universe is an excellent probe of the formation of cosmic structures and the evolution of galaxies. Over the last decade, considerable effort has gone into investigating the physics of baryonic material, particularly after the epoch of Cosmic Dawn: signalling the birth of the earliest stars and galaxies --- the ‘final frontier’ of cosmological surveys today. The technique of intensity mapping (IM) has emerged as a powerful tool to explore this phase of the Universe by measuring the integrated emission from sources over a broad range of frequencies, unlocking significantly more information than traditional galaxy surveys. Astrophysical uncertainties, however, constitute an important systematic in our attempts to constrain cosmology with IM. I will describe an innovative approach which allows us to fully utilize our current knowledge of astrophysics in order to develop cosmological forecasts from IM. This framework can be used to exploit synergies with other complementary surveys, thereby leading to the fascinating possibility of constraining Fundamental Physics from the observations of the Cosmic Dawn.


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