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Here's a list of the recent publications pruduced by group members. Each paper comes with a non-expert description of it's topic and results. You can filter by topic using the drop-down menu, or click on topics and member names to get more details.

Easing cosmic tensions with an open and hotter universe
Date: 30. June 2020
Members involved: Benjamin Bose, Lucas Lombriser
Topics: Cosmic microwave background, CMB lensing, Large-scale structure, Hubble constant
Online abstract: arXiv:2006.16149
Parameterised post-Newtonian formalism for the effective field theory of dark energy via screened reconstructed Horndeski theories
Date: 18. June 2020
Members involved: Joe Kennedy, Lucas Lombriser
Topics: Effective field theory of dark energy, screening, Scalar-tensor theories, post-Newtonian formalism
Online abstract: arXiv:2006.09910
Local Primordial Non-Gaussianities and Super-Sample Variance
Date: 1. June 2020
Members involved: Azadeh Moradinezhad Dizgah
Topics: Inflation, primordial non-Gaussianity, Large-scale structure
Online abstract: arXiv:2005.14677
On the road to per-cent accuracy IV: ReACT -- computing the non-linear power spectrum beyond ΛCDM
Date: 25. May 2020
Members involved: Benjamin Bose, Lucas Lombriser
Topics: Large-scale structure, Modified gravity, Dark energy, Non-linearities, Halo Model
Online abstract: arXiv:2005.12184
Primordial Black Holes Confront LIGO/Virgo data: Current situation
Date: 13. May 2020
Members involved: Valerio De Luca, Gabriele Franciolini, Antonio Riotto
Topics: Primordial Black Holes, Gravitational waves
Online abstract: arXiv:2005.05641
Inflation and Decoupling
Date: 12. May 2020
Members involved: Antonio Riotto
Topics: Inflation
Online abstract: arXiv:2005.05146
On the importance of lensing for galaxy clustering in photometric and spectroscopic surveys
Date: 28. April 2020
Members involved: Goran Jelic-Cizmek, Francesca Lepori, Camille Bonvin, Ruth Durrer
Topics: Large scale structure, Galaxy clustering
Online abstract: arXiv:2004.12981
Constraints on Primordial Black Holes: the Importance of Accretion
Date: 31. March 2020
Members involved: Valerio De Luca, Gabriele Franciolini, Antonio Riotto
Topics: Primordial Black Holes
Online abstract: arXiv:2003.12589
N-body simulations for parametrised modified gravity
Date: 12. March 2020
Members involved: Farbod Hassani, Lucas Lombriser
Topics: N-body simulations, Modified gravity, Large scale structure
Online abstract: arXiv:2003.05927
A local self-tuning mechanism for the cosmological constant
Date: 10. March 2020
Members involved: Lucas Lombriser
Topics: Cosmological Costant Problem
Online abstract: arXiv:2003.04303



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