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Here's a list of the recent publications pruduced by group members. Each paper comes with a non-expert description of it's topic and results. You can filter by topic using the drop-down menu, or click on topics and member names to get more details.

Probing Anisotropies of the Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background with LISA
Date: 24. January 2022
Members involved: Giulia Cusin, Valerio De Luca, Antonio Riotto
Topics: Gravitational waves, LISA
Online abstract: arXiv:2201.08782
An Estimator for the lensing potential from galaxy number counts
Date: 12. January 2022
Members involved: Viraj Nistane, Mona Jalilvand, Julien Carron, Ruth Durrer, Martin Kunz
Topics: Gravitational lensing
Online abstract: arXiv:2201.04129
How to assess the primordial origin of single gravitational-wave events with mass, spin, eccentricity, and deformability measurements
Date: 21. December 2021
Members involved: Antonio Riotto
Topics: Black Holes
Online abstract: arXiv:2112.10660
Lensing power spectrum of the Cosmic Microwave Background with deep polarization experiments
Date: 10. December 2021
Members involved: Louis Legrand, Julien Carron
Topics: Cosmic microwave background, CMB lensing
Online abstract: arXiv:2112.05764
Primordial Black Holes in Matter-Dominated Eras: the Role of Accretion
Date: 7. December 2021
Members involved: Valerio De Luca, Gabriele Franciolini, Alexandros Kehagias, Antonio Riotto
Topics: Primordial Black Holes
Online abstract: arXiv:2112.02534
On the road to percent accuracy VI: the nonlinear power spectrum for interacting dark energy with baryonic feedback and massive neutrinos
Date: 29. November 2021
Members involved: Benjamin Bose, Lucas Lombriser
Topics: Dark energy, Dark matter, Massive neutrinos, baryonic feedback, Large-scale structure, Non-linearities
Online abstract: arXiv:2111.13598
Towards a Precision Measurement of Binary Black Holes Formation Channels Using Gravitational Waves and Emission Lines
Date: 29. November 2021
Members involved: Azadeh Moradinezhad Dizgah
Topics: Gravitational waves, Line Intensity Mapping
Online abstract: arXiv:2111.13166
Precision Tests of CO and [CII] Power Spectra Models against Simulated Intensity Maps
Date: 9. November 2021
Members involved: Azadeh Moradinezhad Dizgah
Topics: Line Intensity Mapping, Cosmological Simulations, Cosmic Large Scale Structure
Online abstract: arXiv:2111.03717
On the kinematic cosmic dipole tension
Date: 8. November 2021
Members involved: Charles Dalang, Camille Bonvin
Topics: Large scale structure, Relativistic effects
Online abstract: [arXiv:2111.03616]
Euclid: Forecast constraints on consistency tests of the ΛCDM model
Date: 25. October 2021
Members involved: Lucas Lombriser, Martin Kunz
Topics: inhomogeneous cosmology, Local large-scale voids, Dark energy, Machine Learning
Online abstract: arXiv:2110.11421



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