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Davide Racco

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PhD student
SC1 213
+41 22 379 63 07

  • Apr - Sep 2017: Visit at Institut de Fı́sica d’Altes Energies (IFAE), UAB, Barcelona (Spain)
    Contact: Prof. José Ramón Espinosa
  • Since October 2014: PhD student at Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Geneva
    Supervisor: Prof. Antonio Riotto
  • Oct 2009 - Sep 2014: Student of the Galilean School of Higher Education (Padova, Italy)
  • Oct 2012 - Jul 2014: MSc. in Theoretical Physics at the University of Padova
    Thesis: "Theoretical strategies for comparing dark matter searches"
    Supervisors: Fabio Zwirner and Andrea Wulzer
  • Jul 2012 - Sep 2012: Summer Student at CERN
    Project: Estimate of the background from non-isolated leptons in the search from Top Partners
    Supervisor: Patrizia Azzi
  • Oct. 2009 - Jul. 2012: BSc. in Physics at the University of Padova
    Thesis: "Derivation of recursion relations in Seiberg-Witten theory"
    Supervisor: Marco Matone

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