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Scanning of the Supersymmetry Breaking Scale and the Gravitino Mass in Supergravity

26. May 2016
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Fotis Farakos, Alex Kehagias, Davide Racco, Antonio Riotto, JHEP 1606 (2016) 120 [arXiv:1605.07631].

We consider the minimal three-form N=1 supergravity coupled to nilpotent three-form chiral superfields. The supersymmetry breaking is sourced by the three-forms of the chiral multiplets, while the value of the gravitino mass is controlled by the three-form of the supergravity multiplet. The three-forms can nucleate membranes which scan both the supersymmetry breaking scale and the gravitino mass. The peculiar supergravity feature that the cosmological constant is the sum of a positive contribution from the supersymmetry breaking scale and a negative contribution from the gravitino mass makes the cosmological constant jump. This can lead to a phenomenologically allowed small value of the cosmological constant even though the supersymmetry breaking scale and the gravitino mass are dynamically large.


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