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Charles Dalang

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PhD student
SC1 217
+41 22 379

  • Since April 2018: PhD student at the Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Geneva
  • 2016-2017 Civil service as high school mathematics and physics teacher in Madagascar.
  • May-Jul 2016: Scientific staff at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, ETH Zürich
  • 2014-2016: M.Sc. in Physics at ETH Zürich.
    Thesis: "On the Path-Dependence of High Energy Scattering Amplitudes in Strongly Coupled N=4 Super Yang-Mills Theory". Advisors: Prof. Niklas Beisert and Dr. Martin Sprenger
  • 2011-2014: B.Sc. in Physics at EPFL.

Recent publications and presentations:

Date: 15. July 2020
Members involved: Soumya Jana, Charles Dalang, Lucas Lombriser
Topics: Scalar-tensor theories, Modified gravity
Type: Publication
Date: 28. January 2020
Members involved: Enis Belgacem, Camille Bonvin, Charles Dalang, Valerio De Luca, Ruth Durrer, Stefano Foffa, Gabriele Franciolini, Martin Kunz, Lucas Lombriser, Michele Maggiore, Ilia Musco, Antonio Riotto
Topics: LISA collaboration
Type: Publication
Date: 13. December 2019
Members involved: Charles Dalang, Lucas Lombriser
Topics: Modified gravity, Standard Sirens, Gravitational waves, gravitational wave propagation in curved spacetime, screening
Type: Publication
Date: 1. July 2019
Members involved: Charles Dalang, Lucas Lombriser
Topics: Gravitational waves, Modified gravity, Light propagation in curved spacetime
Type: Publication
Date: 4. June 2019
Members involved: Enis Belgacem, Charles Dalang, Stefano Foffa, Lucas Lombriser, Michele Maggiore
Topics: Gravitational waves, LISA, Modified gravity, Dark energy
Type: Publication
Date: 11. October 2018
Members involved: Lucas Lombriser, Charles Dalang, Joe Kennedy
Topics: Effective field theory of dark energy, Modified gravity
Type: Publication


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