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Here's a list of the recent publications pruduced by group members. Each paper comes with a non-expert description of it's topic and results. You can filter by topic using the drop-down menu, or click on topics and member names to get more details.

A comparison of CMB lensing efficiency of gravitational waves and large scale structure
Date: 4. September 2013
Members involved: Hamsa Padmanabhan
Topics: Cosmic microwave background, Weak lensing
Online abstract: arXiv:1307.2355
Cosmological Parameter Estimation with Large Scale Structure Observations
Date: 29. August 2013
Members involved: Enea Di Dio, Francesco Montanari, Ruth Durrer
Topics: Large-scale structure, Euclid Collaboration
Online abstract: arXiv:1308.6186
An exact Jacobi map in the geodesic light-cone gauge
Date: 23. August 2013
Members involved: Giovanni Marozzi
Topics: Dark energy, General relativity
Online abstract: arXiv:1308.4935
Phantom dark energy from non-local massive gravity
Date: 15. July 2013
Members involved: Michele Maggiore
Topics: Dark energy, General relativity
Online abstract: arXiv:1307.3898
Imprint of Primordial non-Gaussianity on Dark Matter Halo Profiles
Date: 11. July 2013
Members involved: Azadeh Moradinezhad Dizgah, Antonio Riotto
Topics: Dark matter, Large-scale structure
Online abstract: arXiv:1307.2632
On the Validity of the Effective Field Theory for Dark Matter Searches at the LHC
Date: 10. July 2013
Members involved: Enrico Morgante, Antonio Riotto
Topics: Dark matter
Online abstract: arXiv:1307.2253
On the Starobinsky Model of Inflation from Supergravity
Date: 5. July 2013
Members involved: Antonio Riotto, Alexandros Kehagias
Topics: Inflation
Online abstract: arXiv:1307.1137
The CLASSgal code for Relativistic Cosmological Large Scale Structure
Date: 5. July 2013
Members involved: Enea Di Dio, Francesco Montanari, Ruth Durrer
Topics: Large-scale structure, General relativity, Cosmic microwave background
Online abstract: arXiv:1307.1459
Stochastic Background of Gravitational Waves from Fermions. Theory and Applications
Date: 1. July 2013
Members involved: Daniel Figueroa
Topics: Gravitational waves, Inflation
Online abstract: arXiv:1306.6911
Dissipative fields in de Sitter and black hole spacetimes: quantum entanglement due to pair production and dissipation
Date: 28. June 2013
Members involved: Julian Adamek
Topics: General relativity, Effective theories
Online abstract: arXiv:1301.3011



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