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Here's a list of recent talks and posters presented by group members. Each presentation comes with a non-expert description of what it is about. You can filter by topic using the drop-down menu, or click on topics and member names to get more details.

Gravitational Waves (and Non-Gaussianity) from Cosmic Defects. A Universal Result.
Date: 7. November 2012
Topics: Gravitational waves, Inflation, Large-scale structure
Members involved: Daniel Figueroa
Stochastic Generation of Quantum Fluctuations in Single Field Inflationary Models
Date: 13. September 2012
Topics: Inflation
Members involved: Giovanni Marozzi
The measured galaxy correlation function
Date: 17. August 2012
Topics: Large-scale structure, Dark energy, Dark matter
Members involved: Ruth Durrer, Francesco Montanari
Mode spectrum of the electromagnetic field in open universe models
Date: 23. May 2012
Topics: Magnetic fields, Inflation
Members involved: Julian Adamek
What do we really know about Dark Energy?
Date: 3. February 2012
Topics: Dark energy
Members involved: Ruth Durrer
Zero-point quantum fluctuations in cosmology
Date: 30. January 2012
Topics: Dark energy
Members involved: Lukas Hollenstein
Arpenter l'Univers
Date: 25. January 2012
Topics: Cosmic microwave background, Dark energy, Dark matter, Large-scale structure, Inflation
Members involved: Ruth Durrer
Champs magnétiques cosmiques
Date: 25. January 2012
Topics: Magnetic fields
Members involved: Lukas Hollenstein
De l'infiniment petit au l'infiniment grand
Date: 25. January 2012
Topics: Dark matter, Baryon asymmetry
Members involved: Antonio Riotto
Le fond diffus cosmologique - un regard presque jusqu'au Big Bang
Date: 25. January 2012
Topics: Cosmic microwave background
Members involved: Mona Frommert



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