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Primordial Black Holes from Inflation and non-Gaussianity

30. January 2018
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G. Franciolini, A. Kehagias, S. Matarrese and A. Riotto, arXiv:1801.09415 [astro-ph.CO]

Primordial black holes may owe their origin to the small-scale enhancement of the comoving curva- ture perturbation generated during inflation. Their mass fraction at formation is markedly sensitive to possible non-Gaussianities in such large, but rare fluctuations. We discuss a path-integral formu- lation which provides the exact mass fraction of primordial black holes at formation in the presence of non-Gaussianity. Through a couple of classes of models, one based on single-field inflation and the other on spectator fields, we show that restricting to a Gaussian statistics may lead to severe inac- curacies in the estimate of the mass fraction as well as on the clustering properties of the primordial black holes.


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