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limHaloPT: One-loop Halo Model for Line Intensity Mapping

limHaloPT is a modular numerical package, written in C, for computing the clustering and shot-noise contributions to the power spectrum of line intensity/temperature fluctuations using the halo-model framework. This package is the first publically available code, which combines the one-loop prediction of the halo power spectrum and the halo-model framework to model the power spectrum of emission lines originating from star-forming galaxies. Furthermore, the code includes routines to compute the stochastic contributions to the line power spectrum beyond the Poisson approximation. Several utility functions, e.g., for computing the theoretical halo mass functions, halo biases, and one-loop halo power spectrum, are provided in the package, which can be used in contexts other than LIM. This code is released together with a scientific publication https://arxiv.org/abs/2111.03717, in which details of the implemented model and the comparison of model predictions against simulated intensity maps are presented. The current version of the code includes the rotational ladder of carbon monoxide, CO, and fine structure line of ionized carbon [CII], and the model of the power spectrum is limited to real space. The code is publicly available on the following GitHub repository, https://github.com/amoradinejad/limHaloPT.

Azadeh Moradinezhad Dizgah
5. November 2021
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