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Gauge invariant backreaction in general single field models of inflation

9. April 2013
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Giovanni Marozzi and Gian Paolo Vacca [arXiv:1304.2291].
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In a general single field inflationary model we consider the effects of long wavelength scalar fluctuations on the effective expansion rate and equation of state seen by a class of free falling observers, using a physical gauge invariant formulation. In a previous work we showed that for a free massive inflaton no backreaction is observed within some constraints. In this note we extend the validity of our previous results to the case of an arbitrary self-interacting inflation potential, working to second order in cosmological perturbation theory and to all order in slow-roll approximation. For these general inflationary models, we also show the equivalence of the free falling observers to the ones comoving with the inflaton field.


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