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Fundamental Physics with the SKA: efforts in Switzerland

8. September 2021
Plenary talk at the Swiss SKA Days, 2021 at EPFL Lausanne
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The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will be world's largest radio telescope. In addition to its astrophysical importance, an endeavour of this magnitude promises the most precise constraints to date on Fundamental Physics. The technique of intensity mapping (IM) has emerged as the powerful tool to measure the integrated emission from radio sources over a broad range of frequencies, and provides access to several thousand times more Fourier models of information than traditional galaxy surveys. I will describe an innovative approach which allows us to fully utilize our current knowledge of astrophysics to develop cosmological forecasts from IM with the SKA. This framework can be used to exploit synergies with other complementary surveys, thereby opening up the fascinating potential of using the SKA to constrain physics beyond the ΛCDM model. I will summarize efforts by Swiss researchers in this direction, including tests of the theories of inflation and the cosmological principle, the effects of non-standard dark matter, and possible deviations from Einstein's general relativity on the largest scales. The link is available at: https://indico.skatelescope.org/event/841/contributions/8099/attachments...


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