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The four-point correlator in multifield inflation, the operator product expansion and the symmetries of de Sitter

8. October 2012
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A. Kehagias and A. Riotto [arXiv:1210.1918]
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We study the multifield inflationary models where the cosmological perturbation is sourced by light scalar fields other than the inflaton. We exploit the operator product expansion and partly the symmetries present during the de Sitter epoch to characterize the non-Gaussian four-point correlator in the squeezed limit. We point out that the contribution to it from the intrinsic non-Gaussianity of the light fields at horizon crossing can be larger than the usually studied contribution arising on superhorizon scales and it comes with a different shape. Our findings indicate that particular attention needs to be taken when studying the effects of the primordial NG on real observables, such as the clustering of dark matter halos.


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