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Constraints on long-lived, higher-spin particles from galaxy bispectrum

28. May 2018
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A. Moradinezhad Dizgah, G. Franciolini, A. Kehagias, A. Riotto [arXiv:1805.10247].

The presence of massive particles with spin during inflation induces distinct signatures on correlation functions of primordial curvature fluctuations. In particular, the bispectrum of primordial perturbations obtains an angular dependence determined by the spin of the particle, which can be used to set constraints on the presence of such particles. If these particles are long-lived on super-Hubble scales, as is the case for example for partially massless particles, their imprint on correlation functions of curvature perturbations would be unsuppressed. In this paper, we make a forecast for how well such angular dependence can be constrained by the upcoming EUCLID spectroscopic survey via the measurement of galaxy bispectrum.


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