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Conformal Symmetries of FRW Accelerating Cosmologies

17. September 2013
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A. Kehagias and A. Riotto [arXiv:1309.3671].

We show that any accelerating Friedmann-Robertson-Walker (FRW) cosmology with equation of state w smaller than -1/3 (and therefore not only a de Sitter stage with w equals to -1) exhibits three-dimensional conformal symmetry on future constant-time hypersurfaces. We also offer an alternative derivation of this result in terms of conformal Killing vectors and show that long wavelength comoving curvature perturbations of the perturbed FRW metric are just conformal Killing motions of the FRW background. We then extend theb boundary conformal symmetry to the bulk for accelerating cosmologies. Our findings indicate that one can easily generate perturbations of scalar fields which are not only scale invariant, but also fully conformally invariant on super-Hubble scales. Measuring a scale-invariant power spectrum for the cosmological perturbation does not automatically imply that the universe went through a de Sitter stage.


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