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CLASSgalWe present a new version of the Cosmic Linear Anisotropy Solving System (CLASS) code.

This code includes all relativistic corrections and computes both the power spectrum Cl(z1,z2) and the corresponding correlation function ξ(θ,z1,z2) in linear perturbation theory. For Gaussian initial perturbations, these quantities contain the full information encoded in the large scale matter distribution at the level of linear perturbation theory.

The parts that concern the CMB have not been changed with respect to the main class distribution. Several new features of CLASSgal have been provided directly in the main CLASS code. We suggest therefore to use directly the CLASS code also to compute all the relativistic corrections. If CLASSgal features are used for publication, the users are kindly requested to cite the following papers

E. Di Dio, F. Montanari, J. Lesgourgues, and R. Durrer, The CLASSgal code for Relativistic Cosmological Large Scale Structure, JCAP 11 (2013) 044 [arXiv:1307.1459]

D. Blas, J. Lesgourgues, and T. Tram, The Cosmic Linear Anisotropy Solving System (CLASS) II: Approximation schemes, JCAP 1107 (2011) 034, [arXiv:1104.2933].



  • Bug fixed for gauge transformation in Doppler term (thanks to Hideki Perrier)


  • Bug fixed for evolution term 'f_evo' (thanks to David Alonso)


  • The principal features related to number counts have been merged in the main CLASS branch (since class_v2.1)

v1.1 (18.10.2013)

  • Magnification bias and source evolution (analytic or tabulated) are included
  • Some bug has been fixed


E. Di Dio, F. Montanari, J. Lesgourgues, R. Durrer
4. July 2013


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