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Vector dark energy and high-z massive clusters

4. October 2011
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E. Carlesi, A. Knebe, G. Yepes, S. Gottloeber, J. Beltran Jimenez, A. L. Maroto, MNRAS 418 (2011) 2715 [arXiv:1108.4173]
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The detection of extremely massive clusters at z > 1 such as SPT-CL J0546-5345, SPT-CL J2106-5844, and XMMU J2235.3-2557 has been considered by some authors as a challenge to the standard cosmology. In fact, assuming Gaussian initial conditions, the theoretical expectation of detecting such objects is as low as ≤ 1%. In this Letter, we discuss the probability of the existence of such objects in the light of the Vector Dark Energy (VDE) paradigm, showing by means of a series of N-body simulations that chances of detection are substantially enhanced in this non-standard framework.


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