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Shape of the hot topological charge density spectral function

21. November 2022
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M. Laine, L. Niemi, S. Procacci and K. Rummukainen, JHEP 11 (2022), 126 [arXiv:2209.13804].
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After motivating an interest in the shape of the topological charge density spectral function in hot Yang-Mills theories, we estimate it with the help of thermally averaged classical real-time simulations, for N = 2, 3. After subtracting a perturbative contribution at large frequencies, we observe a non-trivial shape at small frequencies (a dip rather than a peak), interpolating smoothly towards the sphaleron rate at zero frequency. Possible frequency scales making an appearance in this shape are discussed. Implications for warm axion inflation and reheating, and for imaginary-time lattice measurements of the strong sphaleron rate, are recapitulated.


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