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The second-order luminosity-redshift relation in a generic inhomogeneous cosmology

20. September 2012
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Ido Ben-Dayan, Giovanni Marozzi, Fabien Nugier, Gabriele Veneziano [arXiv:1209.4326].
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After recalling a general non-perturbative expression for the luminosity-redshift relation holding in a recently proposed "geodesic light-cone" gauge, we show how it can be transformed to phenomenologically more convenient gauges in which cosmological perturbation theory is better understood. We present, in particular, the complete result on the luminosity-redshift relation in the Poisson gauge up to second order for a fairly generic perturbed cosmology, assuming that appreciable vector and tensor perturbations are only generated at second order. This relation provides a basic ingredient for the computation of the effects of stochastic inhomogeneities on precision dark-energy cosmology whose results we have anticipated in a recent letter. More generally, it can be used in connection with any physical information carried by light-like signals traveling along our past light-cone.


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