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The Scientific Reach of Multi-Ton Scale Dark Matter Direct Detection Experiments

13. June 2013
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J. Newstead, T. Jacques, L. Krauss, J. Dent, F. Ferrer, to appear in PRD [arXiv:1306.3244].
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Cryogenic Direct Detection experiments aim to observe the rare scatterings of Dark Matter particles with ordinary matter, by constructing large underground detectors sensitive to the minute energy transfers when these scatterings occur.

The next generation of multi-ton scale detectors aim to probe deep into the region of parameter space where many popular models of Dark Matter are believed to lie. As such, it is important to understand what we can and cannot learn about the particle nature of dark matter in the event of a detection. We investigate the astrophysics and particle physics uncertainties in direct detection, and explore whether various classes of dark matter model can be distinguished.

We also explore what further information can be gained when two complementary detectors with similar sensitivies each make a detection.


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