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The Role of Electroweak Corrections for the Dark Matter Relic Abundance

29. May 2013
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P. Ciafaloni, D. Comelli, A. De Simone, E. Morgante, A. Riotto, A. Urbano [arXiv:1305.6391].
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We analyze the validity of the theorems concerning the cancellation of the infrared and collinar divergences in the case of dark matter freeze-out in the early universe. In particular, we compute the electroweak logarithmic corrections of infrared origin to the annihilation cross section of a dark matter particle being the neutral component of a SU(2)_L multiplet. The inclusion of processes with final state W can modify significantly the cross sections computed with only virtual W exchange. Our results show that the inclusion of infrared logs is necessary for a precise computation of the dark matter relic abundance.


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