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Effects of biasing on the matter power spectrum at large scales.

5. May 2011
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J. Beltrán Jiménez, R. Durrer, Phys. Rev. D 83, 103509 (2011) [1006.2343]

In this paper we study the effect of biasing on the power spectrum at large scales. We show that even though non-linear biasing does introduce a white noise contribution on large scales, the P(k)=A kn behavior of the matter power spectrum on large scales may still be visible and above the white noise for about one decade. We show, that the Kaiser biasing scheme which leads to linear bias of the correlation function on {\em large} scales, also generates a linear bias of the power spectrum on rather small scales. This is a consequence of the divergence on small scales of the pure Harrison-Zeldovich spectrum. However, biasing becomes k-dependent when we damp the underlying power spectrum on small scales. We also discuss the effect of biasing on the baryon acoustic oscillations.


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