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The Cosmological Shapes of Higher-Spin Gravity

5. February 2019
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D. Anninos, V. De Luca, G. Franciolini, A. Kehagias, A. Riotto [arXiv:1902.01251].
We explore non-Gaussian features of a massless spin-two field in the Vasiliev theory of higher-spin gravity. The theory contains an infinite tower of interacting gauge fields with increasing spin, and admits four-dimensional asymptotically de Sitter configurations. Using a recent proposal for calculating late-time quantum correlations in Vasiliev theory, we provide an exact formula for the tensor non-Gaussianities of the massless spin-two graviton field. By general symmetry considerations, we relate our result to that produced by a tree-level calculation in a gravitational theory containing an Einstein term and a term cubic in the Weyl tensor. The relative coefficient between the two terms is calculated explicitly, exhibiting a significant contribution from the Weyl cubed term. We discuss potential cosmological implications of our results.


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