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Cosmological Information in the Marked Power Spectrum of the Galaxy Field

3. June 2022
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E. Massara et al [2206.01709]
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Marked power spectra are two-point statistics of a marked field obtained by weighting each location with a function that depends on the local density around that point. We consider marked power spectra of the galaxy field in redshift space that up-weight low density regions, and perform a Fisher matrix analysis to assess the information content of this type of statistics using the Molino mock catalogs built upon the Quijote simulations. We identify four different ways to up-weight the galaxy field, and compare the Fisher information contained in their marked power spectra to the one of the standard galaxy power spectrum, when considering monopole and quadrupole of each statistic. Our results show that each of the four marked power spectra can tighten the standard power spectrum constraints on the cosmological parameters {Omegab, Omegam, ns, sigma8, h,Mnu} by 15−25% and on sigma8 by a factor of 2. The same analysis performed by combining the standard and four marked power spectra shows a substantial improvement compared to the power spectrum constraints that is equal to a factor of 6 for sigma8 and 2.5−3 for the other parameters. Our constraints may be conservative, since the galaxy number density in the Molino catalogs is much lower than the ones in future galaxy surveys, which will allow them to probe lower density regions of the large-scale structure.


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