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Constraining graviton non-Gaussianity through the CMB bispectra

2. August 2019
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V. De Luca, G. Franciolini, A. Kehagias, A. Riotto, M. Shiraishi, (2019) [arXiv:1908.00366].
Tensor non-Gaussianities are a key ingredient to test the symmetries and the presence of higher spin fields during the inflationary epoch. Indeed, the shape of the three point correlator of the graviton is totally fixed by the symmetries of the de Sitter stage and, in the case of parity conservation, gets contributions only from the ordinary gravity action plus a higher derivative term called the (Weyl)^3 action. We discuss current and future bounds on the three point tensor contribution from the (Weyl)^3 term using CMB spectra. Our results indicate that forthcoming experiments, such as LiteBIRD, CMB-S4 and CORE, will detect the presence of the (Weyl)^3 term if M_p^4 L^4 ∼10^{17} r^{−4}, where L parametrizes the strength of the (Weyl)^3 term and r is the tensor-to-scalar ratio, which corresponds to L≳3.2×10^5 M_p^{-1}, while the current upper limit is M_p^4 L^4 = (1.1±4.0)×10^{19} r^{−4} (68%CL).


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