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Colored Dark Matter

11. June 2018
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V. De Luca, A. Mitridate, M. Redi, J. Smirnov, A. Strumia, Phys. Rev. D97 (2018) [arXiv:1801.01135].
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We explore the possibility that Dark Matter is the lightest hadron made of two stable color octet Dirac fermions Q. The cosmological DM abundance is reproduced for MQ≈12.5 TeV, compatibly with direct searches (the Rayleigh cross section, suppressed by 1/MQ^6, is close to present bounds), indirect searches (enhanced by DM recombination), and with collider searches (where Q manifests as tracks, pair produced via QCD). Hybrid hadrons, made of Q and of SM quarks and gluons, have large QCD cross sections, and do not reach underground detectors. Their cosmological abundance is 10^5 times smaller than DM, such that their unusual signals seem compatible with bounds. Those in the Earth and stars sank to their centers; the Earth crust and meteorites later accumulate a secondary abundance, although their present abundance depends on nuclear and geological properties that we cannot compute from first principles.


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