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COFFE: a code for the full-sky relativistic galaxy correlation function

28. June 2018
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V. Tansella, G. Jelic-Cizmek, C. Bonvin, R. Durrer, [arXiv:1806.11090]

We present a public version of the code COFFE (COrrelation Function Full-sky Estimator) available here. The code computes the galaxy two-point correlation function and its multipoles in linear perturbation theory, including all relativistic and wide angle corrections. COFFE also calculates the covariance matrix for two physically relevant estimators of the correlation function multipoles. We illustrate the usefulness of our code by a simple but relevant example: a forecast of the detectability of the lensing signal in the multipoles of the two-point function. In particular, we show that lensing should be detectable in the multipoles of the two-point function, with a signal-to-noise larger than 10, in future surveys like Euclid or the SKA.


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