Swiss Cosmology Days 2015

Date: 5-6 February 2015

Registration deadline: 14 November 2014


The Swiss Cosmology Days are yearly meetings aimed at promoting communication and exchanges amongst Cosmologists working in Switzerland. They offer a national platform for scientists to present their research, lead exciting discussions and enable closer collaborations and networking. Young scientists are particularly encouraged to participate. The first meeting took place in February 2013 at the University of Bern and we were happy to count over 40 participants. The meetings are jointly organized by Professors Ruth Durrer, University of Geneva and Alexandre Refregier, ETH Zurich. 


Swiss Cosmology Days 2014 - ETHZ


The last Swiss Cosmology Days (counting over 60 participants) took place on 6 - 7 February 2014 at ETH Zurich, Switzerland and we are now pleased to announce the dates for the upcoming 2015 meeting: 5 - 6 February 2015 at the University of Geneva.


The meetings are open to all researchers in Cosmology working in Swiss Institutions. For further information regarding the upcoming Swiss Cosmology Days please view the following pages:



Venue and Accommodation



Please take note that the deadline for registration and abstract submission for the 2015 meeting closed on 14 November 2014. If you would like to register after this date, please contact us by email.




The next Swiss Cosmology Days are scheduled to take place on 5 - 6 February 2015 at the University of GenevaThe talks will take place in the Stueckelberg Auditorium. When entering from the main entrance of Ecole de Physique building, the room is located just at your right.

Please find a PDF version of the program and an abstract list at the end of the page.



February 5





10:30-10:50Kacprzak, Tomasz (ETHZ)

Weak lensing in the Dark Energy Survey

10:50-11:10Rexroth, Markus (EPFL)

Measuring weak lensing flexion

11:10-11:30Shan, HuanYuan (EPFL)

Weak lensing measurement on CFHT/Stripe82 Survey

11:30-11:50Paraficz, Danuta (EPFL)

A PCA-based search for galaxy-scale strong lenses

11:50-12:10Birrer, Simon (ETHZ)

Strong lens modelling and the properties of Dark Matter

12:10-12:30Coupon, Jean (UNIGE)

Cluster lensing profiles from redshift enhancement behind galaxy clusters

12:30-12:50Küng, Rafael (UNIZH)

Modelling gravitational lenses in Space Warps

12:50 -14:20


Dark matter and more  
14:20-14:40Eckert, Dominique (UNIGE)

Cosmology with the XMM-XXL survey

14:40-15:00Mathias Garny (CERN)

Interplay of indirect, direct and collider searches for WIMP dark matter

DE & MG  
15:00-15:20Nesseris, Savvas (UNIGE)

Reconstruction of a null test for matter density perturbations

15:20-15:40Sawicki, Ignacy (UNIGE)

Towards a minimal description for modified gravity



16:10-16:30Guarato, Pietro (UNIGE)

Perturbations for massive gravity theories

16:30-16:50Motta, Mariele (UNIGE)

Instabilities in bimetric gravity

16:50-17:10Cusin, Giulia (UNIGE)

Bi-metric cosmology: is there an instability in the tensor pertrubation sector?

17:10-17:30Dirian, Yves (UNIGE)

Observational constraints and parameter extraction in nonlocally modified General Relativity







February 6

9:20-9:40Bonvin, Camille (CERN)

Three–point phase correlations: a new measure of non–linear large–scale structure

9:40-10:00Blas, Diego (CERN)

Variations on non–linear corrections in the large scale structure

10:00-10:20Biagetti, Matteo (UNIGE)

Scale-dependent bias from an inflationary bispectrum: the effect of a stochastic moving barrier



10:50-11:10Marozzi, Giovanni (UNIGE)

Galaxy number counts to second order via geodesic light-cone coordinates

11:10-11:30Montanari, Francesco (UNIGE)

Galaxy number counts to second order: bispectrum

11:30-11:50Norena, Jorge (UNIGE)

The squeezed limit of the LSS bispectrum

11:50-12:10Stadel, Joachim (UNIZH)

Euclid Precision Cosmology Simulations with the PKDGRAV3 Code

12:10-12:30Mohammed, Irshad (UNIZH)

An analytic model of the matter power spectrum, its covariance matrix, and baryonic effects



14:00-14:20Atek, Hakim (EPFL)

Did galaxies reionize the Universe? New constraints from the strong lensing of the Hubble Frontier Fields

14:20-14:40Mayer, Lucio (UNIZH)

Baryonic physics in galaxy formation modifies the nature of
cold dark matter halos

14:40-15:00Orani, Stefano (UNIBAS)

Wall-crossing at the end of hilltop inflation

15:00-15:20Cefala, Francesco (UNIBAS)

False vacuum energy dominated inflation with large r and the importance of κs

15:20-15:40Rubio, Javier (EPFL)

Living beyond the edge: Higgs inflation and vacuum metastability

15:40-16:00Nolde, David (UNIBAS)

Implications of large tensor modes for small-field models of slow-roll inflation


 Discussion/ Conclusion







Name Affiliation
Adamek,JulianUniversity of Geneva
Amara,AdamETH Zürich
Antusch,StefanUniversity of Basel
Biagetti,MatteoUniversity of Geneva
Birrer,SimonETH Zürich
Blas Temino,DiegoCERN
Bruderer,ClaudioETH Zürich
Cardona Castro,Wilmar AlbertoUniversity of Geneva
Cefalà,FrancescoUniversity of Basel
Chan,Kwan ChuenUniversity of Geneva
Coupon,JeanUniversity of Geneva
Cusin,GiuliaUniversity of Geneva
Desjacques,VincentUniversity of Geneva
Durrer,RuthUniversity of Geneva
Dirian,YvesUniversity of Geneva
Eckert,DominiqueGeneva Observatory
Fanizza,GiuseppeUniversity of Geneva
Foffa,StefanoUniversity of Geneva
Guarato,PietroUniversity of Geneva
Jacques,ThomasUniversity of Geneva
Kacprzak,TomaszETH Zürich
Kehagias,AlexUniversity of Geneva
Küng,RafaelUniversity of Zürich
Lesgourgues,JulienCERN and Aachen University
Maggiore,MicheleUniversity of Geneva
Marozzi,GiovanniUniversity of Geneva
Mayer,LucioUniversity of Zürich 
Mazumdar,AnupamLancaster University
Mohammed,IrshadUniversity of Zürich
Montanari,FrancescoUniversity of Geneva
Morgante,EnricoUniversity of Geneva
Motta,MarieleUniversity of Geneva
Nesseris,SavvasUniversity of Geneva
Nicola,AndrinaETH Zürich
Nolde,DavidUniversity of Basel
Noreña,JorgeUniversity of Geneva
Orani,StefanoBasel University
Perrier,HidekiUniversity of Geneva
Philippoz,LionelUniversity of Zürich
Rabold,ManuelUniversity of Zürich
Racco,DavideUniversity of Geneva
Refregier,AlexandreETH Zürich
Riotto,AntonioUniversity of Geneva
Schmid,ChristophETH Zürich
Sawicki,IgnacyUniverisy of Geneva
Seehars,SebastianETH Zürich
Stadel,JoachimUniversity of Zürich
Tihhonova,OlgaLASTRO EPFL
Timothée,DelubacLASTRO EPFL
Tucci,MarcoUniversity of Geneva

Venue, Accommodation



The conference will take place in the Stueckelberg Auditorium. When entering from the main entrance of the 'Ecole de Physique' building (see address below), the room is located just at your right.


Département de Physique Théorique
Université de Genève
24, quai Ernest Ansermet
1211 Genève 4


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Please take note that registration for the Swiss Cosmology Days on 5 - 6 February 2015 closed on 14 November 2014.

If you would like to register after this date, please contact us by email:

If you have have already registered and need to cancel your participation on short notice, please do let us know accordingly by email to the same address mentioned above.